In modern aesthetics, there is emphasis on facial rejuvenation and youthfulness. Most often the other body parts that show the signs of aging are overlooked. The parts of the body that require the same amount of attention as face are Neck décolleté and hands.  Because of their delicate skin and frequent exposure to sun and pollution and age related volume loss, the signs of aging in these areas appears as the same time as the facial aging. 

volume restoration skin rejuvenation

Similar to facial rejuvenation, these areas also lose volume and skin integrity and elasticity by age. This accompanied appearance of new age spots, wrinkles, pigments, and sun damage effects the self confidence and self image of the individual.

We use different techniques, technologies, lasers and injections to non-surgically rejuvenate these body parts.

To create volume and to stimulate collagen, different injectable hyaluronic acid and collagen boosting fillers are incorporated into the treatment plan. 

HA Fillers contains Hyaluronic Acid. HA filler is used  to improve the volume, plump, hydration and firmness in the targeted areas. 

Radiesse belongs to the bio-stimulant group of fillers. When injected into skin (intradermally), this filler stimulates your own natural collagen and improves texture, tone and 

firmness of the skin. This filler works subtly and gradually overtime to create a more youthful appearance.

Most individuals also benefit from combination therapies of fillers, PRP or PRF, lasers or other skin care treatment.