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Avebelle Clinic is a contemporary  medical cosmetic boutique. Here at Avebelle Clinic, we specialize in non-surgical anti-aging procedures and beauty solutions.We have a community of passionate and inspired professionals with extensive expertise in scientific art of cosmetology, committed to catering to your cosmetic anti-aging needs. 

Modern Beauty

Beauty is an ever changing and evolving concept. The “one size fit all” beauty standards are evolving to celebrating every individual’s natural beauty. At Avebelle Clinic, non surgical procedures are designed to maintain and enhance natural beauty and create balance and harmony. 


Anti-aging non-surgical solutions are the significant part of our practice. The skin is susceptible to aging process, sun, environmental stress and pollution. Also genetics, changes in skin thickness, laxity and hyperpigmentation as well as subcutaneous (fat tissue) volume loss. Facial shape continues to change throughout the life span creating appearance of increased laxity, loss of definition, and lines and folds. At Avebelle Clinic, we have designed combination of treatments, procedures and products to restore the lost volume, boost collagen production and create glowing skin for a more youthful, fresh appearance. 

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