Elegance and shape

Do you have receding chin? or maybe your chin is too round, too square, or too short. Want to add more definition to your face? whatever the problem is, we can correct it through the use of dermal fillers in order to transform the look of your chin to give you a more flattering silhouette. HA filler is utilized to reshape and refine desired areas, it is also used for contouring the chin for a more elegant look. 

chin augmentation and fillers

As a common consequence of aging, the chin starts to recede and look visibly less prominent, in part due to facial bone and tissue loss.  Genetically under developed or receding chin also contribute to early loss of definition of the jaw line. This leads to development of early signs of lower face aging since the face lacks the volume that chin uptakes to create firmness and stretch in the area.

Chin augmentation by filler injection is a non surgical treatment that creates a balanced and more attractive features by improving the shape and projection of the chin. This procedure also creates balance among features such as lips and nose, and it creates a more structured and attractive lower face.

The effect of Botulinum toxin on the chin shape cannot be
underestimated. “Orange peel” skin over the chin is the result of
over-contraction of the mentalis muscle and should be

addressed. Botox/Dysport injection are used to correct the orange peel dimples on the chin, creating a softer and more rejuvenated look.

What are Fillers?