Longer Lashes

LATISSE® is an FDA approved topical serum to help lashes grow longer, thicker, and darker.

Who does not want thicker, fuller lashes? As lash extensions become more and more popular, women are spending hundreds of dollars and long hours at lash bars to achieve that desired dramatic look. Even though lash extensions may look amazing and portray a convenient short-term fix, the side affects to your natural lashes outweigh the benefits. The damage of lash extensions is caused by the glue, heavy weight of the lashes, and constant and costly application.

As you begin your treatment, you will first notice changes in the length of your lashes. Then slowly, you will see an improvement in the thickness and darkness of your lashes as well. 

With LATISSE, you can achieve similar results of lash extensions with your very own lashes, without all of the side effects and long-term damage that in some cases is irreversible.