The Perfect pout

Lip Filler injection have been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for several years.ย 

We have treated thousands of clients for lip filler injections and we know the secret to the perfect pout.ย 

Whether you desire a subtle plump and hydration or a more voluminous look, we provide the most natural and beautiful lip enhancements.

all About Lips

Lip augmentation is about plump, shape, symmetry and proportion; We also increase volume and hydration of the lips for a more beautiful and youthful look.

Top to bottom ratio of the lips also needs to be balanced. Although this ratio is slightly different in different ethnicities, “golden ratio” still applies to a lot of cases.ย 

The other important factor is proportion of the lips compared to the other facial features, specially nose and chin. The distance between the features as well as the angle and the projection is also taken into consideration.

What are Fillers?