Approved Treatment for Stubborn Submental Fat or “Double Chin”

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    Belkyra Treatment Double Chin

    What is Belkyra?

    Belkyra  (Deoxycholic Acid Injection), also known as Kybella in the U.S., is the first and only FDA and CSA approved treatment for stubborn submental fat or “double chin”. It is a chemical, which exists naturally in the human body and serves the function of breaking down the fats that we consume. The chemical found in Belkyra is identical to that found in our bodies, and has been shown to improve the manifestation of moderate to severe fullness correlated with a “double chin”. Belkyra is extremely safe and effective in permanently destroying fat cells.

    What is Deoxycholic acid?

    Deoxycholic acid is one of the secondary bile acids, made naturally by your body to break down fats for absorption in the intestines. Belkyra consists of an artificially derived form of deoxycholic acid that breaks up fat cell membranes, making it easier for the body to eliminate stubborn fat.

    The Procedure

    Our expert injector will first do an assessment during the client’s consultation to determine the area(s) that require treatment. A topical numbing agent is used and an ice pack is applied to the area to minimize patient discomfort. The target area is marked for more uniform results, and Belkyra is scrupulously injected into the fat tissue using a fine needle.

    Belkyra Treatment

    The procedure is very fast, taking less than 15 minutes, but the results are permanent. Swelling and some tenderness are expected after the procedure, which can be minimized with the application of an ice pack as well as the use of oral anti-inflammatory medication such as Tylenol.

    What to Expect

    After treatment, an ice pack must to be applied to the site of injection. Clients note a moderate amount of pain for the first 15 – 30 minutes after injection, and an aching pain after that. It is recommended to book a follow up appointment to assess improvement, and to determine whether the client requires further treatment with Belkyra to achieve the desired results.  Based on current research, most individuals require a minimum of 2-4 treatments with Belkyra in order to achieve optimal results.

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