Platelet Rich Plasma / Vampire Facial

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    Project Description

    What is PRP?

    Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment that involves the individual’s own blood. The patient’s blood is taken and spun in a centrifuge; the red blood cells are removed, leaving only plasma and platelets with concentrated amounts of growth factors, which possess amazing regenerative properties.

    What It Does

    As we age the frequency of cell death exceeds the number of new cells that are generated. Our blood contains components such as platelets and growth factors, which are used to enhance and rejuvenate the skin. Platelets are involved in the clotting, healing, and rejuvenation process of our tissues, including dermal tissue. The injection of Platelet-Rich Plasma to any type of tissue creates inflammation that triggers the stem cells to gather to the area and begin producing new cells and collagen.

    Prp Cosmetic TreatmentThere are various benefits to treatments with PRP. For instance, since this line of treatment makes use of the patient’s own blood, platelets, and growth factors, it minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

    Mesotherapy (multiple injection method) PRP procedures stimulate tissue regeneration, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, and/or neckline, refining the appearance of skin, and renewing the skin’s natural glow.

    PRP for Deep Wrinkles

    For the treatment of deep wrinkles, the centrifuged PRP gel, rich in growth factors and platelets, is injected as a localized treatment to targeted areas, including:

    • The nasolabial folds (laugh lines)
    • Cheeks and jaw
    • Periorbital areas (around the eyes)
    • Crow’s feet
    • The upper lip
    • Forehead and nose

    This injection stimulates collagen production and growth, as well as the production of new blood vessels and fatty tissue. PRP can also be combined with dermal filler injections to restore volume to the face for a naturally proportionate and youthful appearance.

    PRP for Scars

    Platelet Rich Plasma can be injected into scar tissue to promote the production of collagen and elastin in the target area(s). Due to the power of the growth factors found in PRP, this treatment supports the healing of wounds and regeneration of new tissue, resulting in a more smooth, renewed appearance at the site(s) of injection.

    PRP for Dark Undereye Circles

    Dark circles around the eyes are often mistreated. Fillers can be used for undereye treatment, however there is a possibility of side effects with this line of treatment, such as the Tyndall effect (a bluish discoloration under the eyes that makes the dark circles more prominent).

    PRP is a natural, safe way of treating dark circles with minimal to no side effects, using the rejuvenative power of your own blood. PRP provides an alternative solution for dark circles for those who are not a good candidate for dermal fillers, or want safer, more permanent anti-aging results.

    The appearance of dark undereye circles, sometimes connected to poor microcirculation, can be improved using PRP; the growth factors in PRP increase microcirculation around the eye, resulting in a brighter and more volumized look.

    PRP for Hair Loss

    Due to the regenerative quality of the platelets found in PRP, mesotherapy injections in the scalp encourage regeneration of the hair bulb and promote blood circulation at the level of the hair follicle. In this way, PRP treatments reduce hair loss and promote growth. This line of treatment enhances hair’s colour, luster, and strength, improving the quality of the hair as well as encouraging hair growth.

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